Individual Psychotherapy

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Are you a person who tries to resolve your problems yourself? Do you share your concerns with family or friends? If you do, are you left with feelings of guilt about doing so, or that they did not fully understand your situation? Do you feel that you are being judged? Are you bothered if people are sympathic to your situation, or not sympathic enough? Are you able to move forward with your solutions to problems or do they actually never quite resolve themselves?

The issues that bring people into therapy may be of paramount importance but it is a common misconception that you have to be severely depressed or anxious to call for help. You do not.

And we are here to help you.

Individual Psychotherapy

Post Traumatic Stress
Personality Disorders
Addiction Therapy
Anger Management
Sexual Issues
There can be a tremendous value in talking through problems, ideas, and feelings with a trained professional.

A therapist is someone who has the education, expertise and insight to understand you and can help you confront the obstacles that keep you tied to your problems.

A counsellor can help you create a plan to move forward and can help you develop skills to confident decision making and lasting solutions.