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Most of us go through some major transitions in our lives. Typical transitions are marriage, parenthood, kids moving out, work related, retirement, sometimes even relocation, divorce, or loss of a family member.

The adjustment to these transitions is a period of stress, and it may be painful or even confusing. In a family situation, all members can be affected. In a marriage or relationship situation, sometimes loving feelings and practices seem to get lost in the face of misunderstandings and anger.

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Couples Counselling

Family Issues
Sexual Issues
Internet Issues
Financial Issues
Valuing discretion, privacy and confidentiality, our counsellors work on improving communication and relationship problem solving with the couple together, or sometimes may include the entire family, and sometimes may be with each person individually.

Working with a therapist can help you to refocus your values and goals, and reaffirm many positive aspects that you or your partner may have lost touch with along the way.