Career Counselling

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Career choices, career changes, educational pathways and life opportunities present themselves at various stages of everyone's life.

If you are uncertain as to which pathway is best for you, a career counsellor, trained in educational possibilities and vocational testing, can be indispensable in assisting you to a new and exciting direction in life.

From the high school drop-out to the university graduate and from the very young to those contemplating retirement, a meeting with one of our trained experts in this field can lead to fruitful and productive decisions.

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Career Counselling

Some of Our Services:

  • Vocational testing
  • Educational choices
  • CEGEP and University applications
  • Special Education requirements
  • Organizing effective C.V.'s
  • Role playing job and program entry interviews
  • Dealing with examination fears
  • School phobia
  • Dealing with on the job stresses
  • Supervisors and their responsibilities on the job
  • Improving team spirit on the job
  • Scholarship & Bursary availability