Adolescents and Kids

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Kids and adolescents, like adults, have normal periods of sadness, fearfulness, irritability, anger, happiness, and emotional upsets. These fluctuations are part of day to day life for children, adolescents and adults.

When these moods or behavioral reactions become repetitive, extreme and/or enduring, it can be difficult for a parent to understand. This is especially concerning for a parent if their child is having trouble with friends, with learning, with sleeping or eating and with other ordinary tasks of the day.

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Adolescents and Kids

Anxiety Disorders
Eating Disorders
Anger Management
Sexual Abuse
Family Issues
Attention Deficit
Drug Use
Educational Issues
A consultation about your child with one of our therapists can help determine whether professional intervention is warranted at all and, if it is, what kind of intervention could help.

Consultations regarding children are most valuable when done together with the parents and utilize the parents’ own understanding of their children’s needs.

Adolescence is also a time when the first episodes of anxiety, depression, eating disorders, OCD, substance abuse and other acting out behaviours may begin to appear and it is important to intervene as early as possible in the course of these problems.